Located on a pine hill overlooking Jounieh bay,

One of the most fascinating scenes in Lebanon, Bethania stands tall as a very special center in Mount Lebanon. 25 kilometers to the north of Beirut International airport, Bethania, an integral part of the
"Our Lady Of Lebanon Sanctuary - Harissa",
lies peacefully on the top of a 600 m high cliff that rests at the mediterranean sea.

About Harissa

Harissa is a mountain village in Lebanon.

The village, which is located 650 meters above sea level, is home to an important Lebanese pilgrimage site, Our Lady of Lebanon. The village is located 20 km north of Beirut, and accessible from the coastal city of Jounieh either by road or by a nine-minutes journey by a gondola lift, known as the Téléphérique. It attracts both pilgrims and tourists who want to enjoy views of the bay of Jounieh.

there are many great attractions and touristicsites nearby, including Casino Du Liban, Byblos, Faqra ruins, Ski resorts and Geita Grotto.

Beaches, nightlife and shopping district are just 15 min drive from Bethania.



Telepherique station within walking distance

Paragliding club

Hiking trails


Harissa Park

Club Thermique

Club Thermique : Paragliding , Hot Air balloon , Ecotourism , Winter Sports , Snowboarding

DARB EL SAMA  : a walk from Sahel l Alma at an altitude of 75 a.s.l. untill Harissa at 500 a.s.l

Club Thermique